Liza Burmeister Kaaring, curriculum vitae

Art educator

  • Born 5 November 1971
  • Curatorial assistant at The Royal Collection of Graphic Art, The National Gallery of Denmark, 1996-2002
  • MA (Art History) from the Department of Art History, University of Copenhagen, 2007
  • Team manager for Grafikrevisionen (The Graphic Art Audit), The Royal Collection of Graphic Art, National Gallery of Denmark, 2007
  • Freelance art critic for the Danish newspaper Information, 2008
  • Substitute curator, (modern collection), National Gallery of Denmark, 2008 (4 months)
  • Art Educator working on the project Kunsthistorier ("Art Stories"), National Gallery of Denmark, from September 2008 - August 2011
  • Curator for the exhibition "Danish Masters 1800-1850" at The Pushkin Museum, Moscow (Exhibition period: september - november 2011)
  • Ph.d.-scholarship at The National Gallery of Denmark, starting september 2011

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