Mette Houlberg Rung introduces her PhD-project


On the following pages you can learn more about my PhD project and the data I am collecting at Statens Museum for Kunst. The project runs from October 2006 - October 2009.

The project is about what adults experience when they are visiting the permanent collection at Statens Museum for Kunst. Despite that art museums have existed more or less as we know they today for more than 200 years, it is still limited what we know about the experience people have when they visit a museum. In my research I try to get closer to an understanding of what is happening when adults move through the collection and experience and make meaning of the art works.

In connection to the project I ask visitors to the museum to participate in a series of investigations in the collection of Modern art. This includes observations, where I register how adults move through the rooms, how much they talk to each other and where they spend most of their time. I am also recording some of the conversations people have when they experience the collection as well as interviewing groups of people. Last but not least I will ask people to answer a questionnaire about their experience in the collection.

Afterwards I will analyse the collected date and the aim is to characterize the experience adults have when they visit Statens Museum for Kunst and expose some of the strategies and methods adults use when the experience the art. The analysis will be used in a general debate about how adults are using the museum today and how it can be developed in the future, but also feed into the practical museum work at Statens Museum for Kunst, where the display and interpretation of the collection is develop and evaluated continually.

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