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‘Determining trends and developments in Jordaens’ priming techniques’ i Jacob Jordaens. Ein Maler großen Formats. Neue forschungen zu seinem Werk. I serien Cultural and interdisciplinary Studies in Art. (Ed. Birgit Ulrike Muench and Zita Àgota Pataka) 2012, p. 245-267. In collaboration with Johanneke Verhave, Jørn Bredal-Jørgensen and Jørgen Wadum.


‘A microRaman spectroscopic investigation of a Flemish painting from the late 15th Century.' in Asian Chemistry letters, Vol 15, No 4, 2011, pp. 247-254. In collaboration with Ole Faurskov Nielsen, Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen.


‘Mantegna’s Man of Sorrows with Two Angels: Examination and Restoration’, in Techne, special edition 2009: “La technique picturale d’Andrea Mantegna” (ed. Michel Menu, Elisabeth Ravaud) p. 93-98.

‘The Industrialisation of Canvas Production in Denmark and its Implications for the Preservation of Danish Nineteenth Century Paintings’. In Conference Proceedings of the Nordic Association of Conservators 18’ Conference Incredible Industry. Preserving the evidence of industrial society, May 2009, p. 39-50. In collaboration with Cecil Krarup Andersen, Mikkel Scharff and Annemette Bruselius Scharff.

‘Paint chemical reactivity in The Tribute Money by Jacob Jordaens’. Poster in collaboration with Jaap Boon and Johanneke Verhave at the conference Studying Old Master Paintings – Technology and Practice, National Gallery London, October 2009.


‘Konserveringshistorien og den seneste restaurering / the treatment history and the recent restoration’ in Jordaens – et mesterværk bliver til / Jordaens – the Making of a Masterpiece. National Gallery of Denmark 2008, p. 55-68.

Contribution to ”Kunstneren arbejder, lag på lag / Jordaens at wotk, layer upon layer” i Jordaens – Et mesterværk bliver til / Jordaens – the Making of a Masterpiece. National Gallery of Denmark 2008, p. 69-92, in collaboration with Johanneke Verhave (principal author) and Annefloor Schlotter.


’Maletekniske undersøgelser af to helgenbilleder fra Skt. Victor-altertavlen i Sienas domkirke’, in SMK Art Journal 2005, p. 82-99 / 138-146.


‘Reworking an interior sketchbook: the conservation and display of 'rød og blå' anamorphosis’. In collaboration with Lorraine Maule (principal author) and Marianne Torp in Modern art, new museums: contributions to the Bilbao Congress, 13-17 September 2004, p. 39-43.


‘The Technique and restoration of Filippino Lippi's The Meeting of the Saints Joachim and Anne outside the Golden Gate of Jerusalem’, in Statens Museum for Kunst Journal Vol. 4, 2000 p. 6-39.


‘The Annunciation by Agostino Masucci, History, Examination and Conservation’, in Statens Museum for Kunst Journal 99, p. 70-83.

Article about the restoration of Filippino Lippis Joachim og Annas Gensyn uden for Jerusalems Gyldne Port in the exhibition catalogue Gensyn, National Gallery of Denmark. p. 12-31, 33-39.


’Hans Holbein the Younger: Portrait of a 28-year old Falconer’. Article in Mauritshuis in focus, Vol. 7 No 2, Mauritshuis, Den Haag.


J.F. Willumsens maleteknik, Exhibition catalogue in collaboration with Vibeke Petersen, J.F. Willumsens Museum, Frederikssund, 1992, p. 12-79.

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