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Vilhelm Hammershøi, Interior with the Artist’s Easel. 1910. SMK

Vilhelm Hammershøi, Interior with the Artist’s Easel. 1910. SMK

Behind | 19.aug.2011

Cut to the chase: What makes Hammershøi’s art exciting?

This headline was a request submitted to this blog, so we had better jump to it!

To me, one of the exciting things about Hammershøi’s art is the way in which he takes a motif that seems to depict nothing at all and then turns it around so that you find that it contains everything. That a point of no interest becomes a place laden with great significance.

For example, take a painting of a wall in a light-filled room where there are only very few objects ... this might seem dull and boring at first, but if you pay close attention or dedicate some time to standing in front of the painting you can feel it resonating with your body.

Hammershøi’s very painstaking mode of painting and the time and effort he poured into the canvas is almost transferred to the spectator. Many brushstrokes are visible, and each of them holds a small world of understated colour and light or shade. Once you start noticing this, the painting opens itself up to you.

To be continued...

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