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Henriette’s palette for conserving Hammershøi works.

Henriette’s palette for conserving Hammershøi works.

Behind | Exhibition | 30.sep.2011

Hammershøi at the conservator - part two

Conservator Henriette Heyn Olsen is examining and cleaning several of Hammershøi’s works in preparation for the 2012 exhibitions. Among other things, this work also offers her insight into Hammershøi’s palette. He is known for employing a quite limited colour scheme of grey, black, and white, but closer inspection soon reveals that he uses a very wide variety of pigments within this range.

"He uses 50 different shades of white," says Henriette. In this picture she shows us how she has laid out her palette in order to accurately match the many shades of white as she carries out her conservation work.

To be continued ...

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