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Vilhelm Hammershøi, Self-Portrait. Spurveskjul. (1911). SMK

Vilhelm Hammershøi, Self-Portrait. Spurveskjul. (1911). SMK

Exhibition | News about the art | 14.jul.2011

Hammershøi on holiday in Spurveskjul

In the summer of 1911 Hammershøi and his wife Ida had rented the villa Spurveskjul (“Sparrow’s Hideaway”) in Frederiksdal as their summer residence. They were very interested in older houses, and for Hammerhøi his homes were also his subject matter, so they chose all the houses they lived in with great care. Spurveskjul was designed by the artist Nicolai Abildgaard and built in 1805-06. Hammershøi painted a number of works in the house, including this self-portrait where he shows himself holding a brush.

The self-portrait will become one of the pivotal works in the exhibition, partly because it combines existentialist sentiments with a unique, structured and painterly perception of space and light.

At present you can see the painting at the Gallery in Room 228, where it is part of a new overall presentation of our permanent collections.

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