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The team looks at a 1:20 model of the exhibition.

The team looks at a 1:20 model of the exhibition.

Behind | Exhibition | 23.jun.2011

Not a one-man show

One of the challenges of this exhibition – and its main underlying concept – is to be able to show Hammershøi on his own while also establishing meaningful relationships between his works and those of his European contemporaries.

On the day these pictures were taken, curatorial assistant Tone Bonnén and senior research curator Kasper Monrad used the 1:20 model to explore how the works could be hung and grouped within the exhibition rooms. In the bottom picture, exhibition architect Mads Kjædegaard shows examples of materials that he is considering for the exhibition set-up to an audience consisting of Kasper Monrad and Louise Springborg and Jack Johnsen from Digital Production at the Gallery.

The process is well underway, and the model allows us to quickly try out different layout and design options.

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