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Catalogue script awaiting proofreading and layout design

Catalogue script awaiting proofreading and layout design

Behind | Exhibition | 2.sep.2011

Something about working with exhibition catalogues

As we have stated on this blog on previous occasions, the concept behind the upcoming exhibition Hammershøi and Europe is partly to offer a comprehensive presentation of Hammershøi’s works, and partly to showcase Hammershøi in relation to other artists from the European art scene of his day.

Approximately half of the works presented will be by Hammershøi, and as things stand at the moment the other half will comprise works by 24 other artists. Hopefully the logic behind the choices of artists and works will be clearly evident in the exhibition itself, and at the same time you can read more about the various artists and how they are linked to Hammershøi in the catalogue published in connection with the show.

As the exhibition will also be shown in Munich after it completes its run here at the Gallery we need Danish, German, and English versions of the catalogue, and this means that production is well underway. All articles and biographies for all artists featured in the exhibition have already been written and submitted to our editor Sven Bjerkhof, who has now handed the material over for layout, translation, etc.

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