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Photos of materials to be used in the exhibition

Photos of materials to be used in the exhibition

Behind | Exhibition | 30.jun.2011

The end of Phase One

The first phase of planning the exhibition is complete, the project outline is in place, and the project has been presented to all stakeholders. This involves all the people in charge of technical and practical matters such as security, AV equipment, wiring, and cleaning, but the top management also has to give the nod of approval to the plans we are currently entertaining – plans that will then be developed in greater detail after the summer holidays.
We have adjusted our initial concepts – both in terms of exhibition content and the way it will be presented and mediated – and we have also adjusted those avenues of approach that will showcase Hammershøi and his European contemporaries. Hopefully the mood we aim to establish will create a nicely coherent experience for visitors as they move around the exhibition – or when they sit down to immerse themselves in their chosen paintings.

We will devote considerable attention to digital communication and mediation; there is a wealth of interesting materials that can shed light on Hammershøi as a person and as an artist, e.g. letters and photographs that are very suitable for digital reproduction. Space has also been set aside for a small cinema where a film will elucidate those aspects of the works that can be difficult to showcase in other ways; examples might include painting techniques, details, or areas of particular interest in the paintings.

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