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Behind | Exhibition | 16.sep.2011

They’re just signs, aren’t they?...

Preparing the signs is an important part of getting an exhibition ready. As an absolute minimum visitors should be able to identify the works on display: Who created it? What is the title of the work? When was it made? Of course these work signs should be located as close to the relevant works as possible, and it is necessary to try out several different layouts to see how everything can fall into place.

Signs should not interfere unduly with the art on the display, but of course you should still be able to tell what it says on them, and there are many different schools of thought on the subject. So before the exhibitions open we try out different options as shown in this photograph.

We often also produce slightly longer texts placed near the works. We know that many visitors like to orient themselves via such texts as they explore an exhibition. When creating such signs it is important to test what information or which interpretations should be communicated in each particular situation. This is not a place for long dissertations, but the texts can certainly provide food for thought for further discussion and wider perspectives.

Keep an eye on the signs – we would love to hear feedback we can use in our work. Thanks!

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