The Collections

The collections take visitors on a journey through 700 years of art and art history. Art ranging from the early Renaissance to the cutting-edge contemporary can be viewed in new displays at the Gallery.


The new displays offer a chronological overview, themed areas for in-depth contemplation, and angles of approach that put forward new perspectives and make the works on display immediately relevant today.

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European Art 1300-1800

European Art 1300-1800

500 years of arthistory. A treasure trove featuring works by some of the greatest figures from art history, including Mantegna, Cranach, Titian, Rubens, Rembrandt and many more.

Danish and Nordic Art 1750-1900

Danish and Nordic Art 1750-1900

From the birth of Danish painting, to the famous painters of the Golden Age, through to the dawn of modernism. We present the museum's large collection of Danish and Nordic art in a new display, where 150 years of art unfolds.

Danish and International Art after 1900
© Asger Jorn, Red Visions, 1944.

Danish and International Art after 1900

Modern art from the 20th century and the very latest contemporary art fills the exhibition rooms of the Gallery’s white building, offering a wide-ranging display of the main movements within Danish art.

French Art 1900-1930
© André Derain, Woman in a chemise, 1906.

French Art 1900-30

The collection includes some of the museum's most famous works by artists including Picasso, Braque, Derain and Matisse. Now presented in a new display that is based on the art scene in Paris in the early 1900s.

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Search among 25,000 images for free download. We have selected 160 artworks and made them available in high quality.

About the collection of Graphic Art

The Royal Collection of Graphic Art

The collection contains consists of drawings, watercolors, etchings, woodcuts, lithographs, photographs and other forms of art on paper. The more than 240,000 works, from 1400s to modern day, are exhibited infrequently since they are very light sensitive.

The Royal Cast Collection

The Cast Collection

The collection of copies of sculptural masterpieces from antiquity to the Renaissance was created to show how the development of the human form in art embodied the spirit of European humanism, striving for freedom, democracy, and beauty.

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