The Royal Collections

700 years of art and art history

The collections take visitors on a journey through 700 years of art and art history. Art ranging from the early Renaissance to the cutting-edge contemporary can now be viewed in new displays at the Gallery. The new displays offer a chronological overview, themed areas for in-depth contemplation, and angles of approach that put forward new perspectives and make the works on display immediately relevant today.

Search the Collection with more than 35.000 art works

Jens Juel's Niels Ryberg with his Son Johan Christian and his Daughter-in-Law Engelke, née Falbe from 1797 is displayed in Danish and Nordic Art 1750-1900

Overview and in-depth contemplation

Explore and browse, seek inspiration, find serenity or insight, learn something new, challenge yourself. The collections allow you to do it all. Feel history come to life as you take a tour de force through seven centuries of art, or immerse yourself fully in a specific collection, artist, or period.

The Gallery’s collections are presented in largely chronological order so that it is easy to form an overview and to find the periods, artists, works, or movements that are of particular interest to you.

The collections form the core of the Gallery

The Gallery serves many functions. It is a meeting place, a setting for social activities and cultural experiences. First and foremost the museum must preserve and protect the art and communicate knowledge and information about it. The collections form the core of the Gallery. Here you will find the concrete results of the Gallery’s efforts within the realms of research, education, and conservation.

Digital Desk in European Art 1300-1800 (SMK Photo)

What are the collections?

The collections at the National Gallery of Denmark comprise several distinct areas that are exhibited in separate presentations.

  • European Art 1300-1800
  • Danish and Nordic Art 1750-1900
  • French Art 1900-30
  • Danish and International Art after 1900
  • The Royal Collection of Graphic Art (accessed through the Study Room)
  • The Royal Cast Collection (presented at Vestindisk Pakhus)

A new presentation of the collections

Throughout 2011 and the beginning of 2012 the entire Gallery has been engaged in the work to present the Gallery’s collections in a new format that meets and challenges our visitors’ and our own expectations. The monumental project has comprised art historical reassessments and re-readings of the collections, new communication and education initiatives on analogue and digital platforms, renovation and refurbishment of 6.700 m2 of exhibition floor space, and moving and rehanging more than 1,500 exhibitions.

Why stage new presentations?

Our perception of art and art history is ever-changing. Each generation asks a new set of questions of the collections. Such questions are inextricably linked to contemporary worldviews, and many reflect central issues of their own period – examples include climate issues, migration, globalisation, our perception of reality, and much more. As new questions arise, the presentation of the collection must be given new relevance to stay fresh.

Ursula Reuter Christiansen (1943- ), Women forward!, 1971

© Ursula Reuter Christiansen (1943- ), Women forward!, 1971

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