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© Abildgaard, Nicolai : Scene of Ossian; Agandecca viser sig for Fingal. Af Fingal-digtet. 1743-1809.

Scene of Ossian; Agandecca viser sig for Fingal. Af Fingal-digtet

Artist: Abildgaard, Nicolai, 1743 - 1809 , Danish
Media: Drawing
Technique: , 21x24

Inventory nr.: KKSgb3848

The Royal Collection of Graphic Art

Tilskrivninger/kommentarer fra arkkatalog: -LSN 14.12.1972: "Motiv fra James Macphersons Ossian-digt Fingal, 4.bog. Agandeccas ånd viser sig for Fingal. Jf.: "Fingal had started from a dream, and leaned on Trenmor's shield; the dark-brown shield of his fathers; which they had lifted of old in war. The hero had seen in his rest, the mournful form of Agandecca. She came from the way of the ocean. She slowly, lonely moved over Lena. Her face was pale like the mist of Cromla. Dark were the tears of her cheek. She often raised her dim hand from her robe; her robe which was of clouds of the desert;" (J. Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian, Edinburg 1898, p.76). Bladet er påskrevet Fingals replik til Agandecca: "why weeps the daughter of Starno", citeret ordret fra Macpherson."
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