Nairy Baghramian: SÅ LÆNGE DET VARER*

Exhibition period: 7 December 2017 – 2 April 2018

Explore the exhibition SÅ LÆNGE DET VARER* [As long as it lasts] in the x-room at SMK – an entirely new project by the internationally acclaimed German artist Nairy Baghramian.

Inspired by an iconic steel grid structure from the exhibition venue The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago, the artist has produced an installation especially for SMK. A large, sculptural piece consisting of milky, semi-transparent forms balancing precariously on tall, shiny legs.

Mark Leckey

Mark Leckey

Exhibition period:
4 May - 29 October

The internationally acclaimed artist Mark Leckey took over the x-room venue with an installation produced especially for SMK: A gigantic motorway bridge from his childhood. 

With the exhibition He Thrusts his Fists against the Posts but Still Insists he Sees the Ghosts Leckey invited audiences back to the ramps underneath the motorway bridge in his home town.

Sergej Jensen

Sergej Jensen

Exhibition period: 13 October 2016 – 30 December 2017

This exhibition constituted the Danish-born artist Sergej Jensen’s first solo show at a Danish museum. Sergej Jensen is known for taking an unconventional approach to painting.

He focuses on materials and their aesthetic potential. His pictures often consist of found textiles that have been sown together, sometimes featuring no paintwork at all, at other times bearing traces of paint or motifs from art history.

Ed Atkins. Safe Conduct

Ed Atkins. Safe Conduct

17 March – 4 September 2016

How do new digital technologies affect us? What impact do they have on how we think, act and live today? Those are questions addressed by the highly acclaimed contemporary artist Ed Atkins in his texts, videos and sound art. Atkins is particularly well known for his video installations that combine hyper-realistic depictions of familiar figures and everyday settings with computer-generated animations. For the exhibition Ed Atkins. Safe conduct, Ed Atkins had created an entirely new work specifically for x-rummet, the SMK’s venue for contemporary art.

Laura Lima – The Naked Magician

Laura Lima: The Naked Magician

4 June - 18 October 2015

Flea market finds, textiles, instruments, books, bric-a-brac and bits and bobs from near and far made up the large, immersive installation created by Laura Lima for the x-rummet venue at the SMK. Inside the exhibition, you would find “The Naked Magician” pottering about, constantly creating new objects and making changes to the many materials found there.

Henrik Olesen

Henrik Olesen: Abandon the parents

23 May 2014 - 28 September 2014

An abundance of paintings, drawings, photographs, videos, books, words, and sounds fill the x-rummet venue, establishing surprising connections and creating new narratives.

Through the rich and complex accumulation of objects Henrik Olesen explores and interprets the process of emancipation and independence that may – or may not – happen in the life of an andolescent leaving his or her parents to seek out new values.

Haim Steinbach

Haim Steinbach: The Window

15 November 2013 - 23 February 2014

What are quirky salt and pepper shakers doing next to some of the main masterpieces of art history? Haim Steinbach is deeply interested in objects and how they are displayed.

In the exhibition The Window he challenged our perception of the art museum as an institution by showing important works of art side by side with small everyday objects.

Willie Doherty: Secretion

Willie Doherty: Secretion

1 November 2012 - 24 Februar 2013

Willie Dohertys film Secretion is shown in collaboration with the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, CPH:DOX. 

Secretion is Dohertys latest artwork. It's a film about fear of the invisible, and everything that is beyond our control.

Emily Wardill

Emily Wardill

11 May 2012 – 16 September 2012. The x-room

The museum invited Emily Wardill to make a videoproject in the x-room in 2012. The result was a fascinating love story, that unfolds into a tale about the relationship between body and consciousness.

The film tells the story about the neurologist Eitinne, who has lost his wife. For many years he has immersed himself in his work and neglected his love life, but then he takes up internet dating.

One Language Traveller

FOS: One language Traveller

- with a contribution by Krüger&Pardeller


From 18. June 2011 - 13. May 2012. Sculpture Street


A large installation incorporated all of the museum’s Scuplture Street. One Language Traveller was a travel through membranes, tents, grids and a strange factory. Here were machines and curiosities, sound and street lamps, warped floors and a mysterious soap production.

Danh Vo. Hip Hip Hurra

Danh Vo: Hip Hip Hurra

20 November 2010 - 20 March 2011

The exhibition "Hip Hip Hurrah” marked Danh Vo’s first solo representation in Denmark. The festive title applied to the displayed works deliberately played with – and challenged – the most basic and simple definitions of identity and the personal. The exhibit comprised seven works, six of which were all-new

Lindsay Seers

Lindsay Seers: It has to be this way

22 May - 26 September 2010

The British artist Lindsay Seers' work for the x-room is an installation combining film and architecture.

In the exhibition Seers seeked to unravel the mystery surrounding the strange disappearance of her stepsister Christine Parkes who suffered memory loss following a moped accident in Rome. Taking her point of departure in old letters, her stepsister’s notes, her mother’s memories and a box of photographs, Lindsay Seers sets out to find the truth.

Mike Nelson

Mike Nelson: KRISTUS OCH JUDAS: A STRUCTURAL CONCEIT (a performance in three parts)

30 August 2008 - 3. januar 2010

The internationally acknowledged English installation artist Mike Nelson occupied x-rummet with a new and hyperrealistic total installation. The installation transformed a whole floor of the Museum into a labyrinthine and replicated series of rooms with references to a theatrical environment, complete with stage, dressing rooms, ticket office and blind alleys.

Gerard Byrne - Related Works

Gerard Byrne: Related Works

5 April – 28 September 2008

The exhibition consisted of the video installation *ZAN- *T185 r. 1, as well as four works specially created for the exhibition: the photographs A Young Woman Contemplating a Skull, The Reverse of a Framed Painting and The Earth after the Fall of Man and the video Temporally Removed.

Gerard Byrne is concerned with the way time, history and meaning are created. In his works, he often focuses on how history is a temporary construction which is continually being re-created.

Søren Martinsen

Søren Martinsen: Country Song

6 October 2007 - 24 Februar 2008

The town and civilisation are often seen to be the diametrical opposites of nature. In Country Song, Søren Martinsen wrestles with the utopia of the good life in the country. But do the clichés live up to their promise?

The exhibition presented a shadowy, psychologically charged universe. The installation both expanded due to seven panoramic landscape paintings and also contracted in the claustrophobic video.

Ann Lislegaard

Ann Lislegaard: Crystal World

Udstillingsperiode: 24 februar – 5. august 2007

In the installation Crystal World Ann Lislegaard investigated the possibility of creating an alternative reality. A new structure challenging our usual preconceptions of time and place.

In her video installations, photography and 3D-animations, Lislegaard examines how the surrounding world influences our consciousness, our gender and our self-image.

Fredrik Raddum: HOME SWEET HOME

Fredrik Raddum: HOME SWEET HOME

28 October 2006 - 28 January 2007

Motionless flowers on strips of artificial grass. A red house, oozing cosiness, shines in the darkness. A fallen tree has struck the house and led to fatal results.

The Norwegian artist Fredrik Raddum confronted us with the relationship between man and nature in his installation, which mimics the world of the comic with bright colours, simple shapes and a conscious artificiality of expression.

Jeppe Hein

Jeppe Hein: Usynlig Labyrint

10 June - 8 October 2006

The emptiness awaiting visitors to the x-rummet at Statens Museum for Kunst was deceptive. A visual deceit which warned us that the artist suspended and disabled our favourite sensory tool, the sense of sight.

The maze in x-rummet changed from day to day, inviting visitors to make repeat visits. The maze structure spanned a total of six different variants, all of them referring to authentic labyrinths from our common cultural history.

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen: EgoShow

18 February - 14 May 2006

In EgoShow in x-rummet she performed a poetic dissection of contemporary egotism and macho posturing presenting two all-new video works.

With consummate style and an almost voracious curiosity, she navigated the interspace between different kinds of realities and extremes. Between the perfect stagings of music videos and the raw reality of documentaries. Between personal confessionals and political commitment.