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Christen Købke

A biographic view
In 1833 Christen Købke and his family moved to Blegdammen by the Sortedamsøen, which at the time was a rural location outside of Copenhagen proper. This was the setting of View of a Street in Østerbro outside Copenhagen. Morning Light from 1836.

Christen Købke is one of the greatest Danish artists ever. His powers of observation, attention to detail, depictions of everyday life, and keen sense for capturing the moment was unique among the Danish artist of his period. Købke’s art was not greatly acclaimed during his own day; only 30-40 years after his death in 1848 did the world truly recognise his outstanding talent.

Købke’s contemporaries knew him as a straightforward, easy-going, and trusting person; not someone to put himself forward. This is also reflected in his self-portrait from circa 1833.

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