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Work after treatment

A Comprehensive Queen
After treatment, the pastel portrait of Queen Juliane Marie is again back in its golden frame, but now it is straight and mounted on a new and adapted stretcher with supporting acid-free cardboard. Despite the tight-fitting components and the seal of the frame, the parchment will still move according to changing climatic conditions, but the process will be delayed and the level of outside influences is therefore greatly reduced.

The conservation is now complete, and the painting is ready to be showcased for the public in one of the museum's impressive exhibition galleries one day.

1. Framed front (recto)

2. Framed back (verso)

1: Queen Juliane Marie after treatment, refitted in modified climate frame with laminated glass

2: The back of the piece. Ornamental frame, stretcher and cardboard auxiliary support are now visible through the backboard, which is sealed at the edges with aluminium tape.

Updated: 26.apr.2018
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