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Restoring Joakim Skovgaard’s masterpiece ”The Last Supper”

The Christianskirke in Klaksvík on the Faroe Islands boasts a masterpiece by Joakim Skovgaard, The Last Supper, as its altarpiece. The painting is the property of SMK, but is on loan to the church. Now, the painting is undergoing careful restoration.

Joakim Skovgaard created the painting in 1901 as part of his overall scheme for Viborg Cathedral. Soon after its execution it suffered from salt attack and so was taken to SMK, the national gallery of Denmark, in 1913, where it was put on display. In 1963 the painting was moved to the Christianskirke in Klaksvík on the Faeroe Islands, where it remains today.

The ravages of time

The painting has undergone much in its day, and these trials have left their marks. It has suffered from salt attacks and been “stripped off” the wall of Viborg Cathedral in order to be moved to SMK. The painting has also been rolled up twice for shipment: first to the gallery, then to the Christianskirken. This led to permanent bumps and flaking, but now restoration of the work has commenced.

Zoom in on the work and explore its details:

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