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Framing the work

Frame with favourable climate
To protect the painting, it was best to refit it in its old ornamental frame, which has now been converted into a climate frame. In a climate frame, the work is sealed, which creates a stable and satisfactory climate in the frame. Because of this tightness, air enters the frame very slowly, and climate change impacts to the work will be greatly minimised. To avoid the pigment staining the inside of the glass frame, custom-built mounts were placed in the frame, which prevent the direct and damaging contact between the painting and the glass.


Building a climate framework:

1. Frame
2. Build up
3. Self-adhesive aluminium tape
4. Spacer mount lined with self-adhesive felt
5. Black self-adhesive felt
6. Self-adhesive aluminium tape
7. Back of polycarbonate backboard
8. The artwork
9. Laminated safety glass


Here, the museum’s carpenter mounts the work into the rebuilt climate framework ...

1: Finally, the painting is mounted in the repaired and rebuilt ornamental frame, which now serves as a permanent climate frame for the work. This is done vertically, as the painting does not tolerate lying face down because of the loose and fragile layers of colour.

2: The frame is closed by a backboard made of plastic and sealed along the edges with aluminum tape.

1. Erecting the frame in the climate framework

2. The frame is sealed with aluminium tape

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