In the x-rummet at the SMK you can experience exhibition projects, that challenge and explore artistic problems.

The x-rummet is the SMK's experimental venue for contemporary art. Twice a year we invite artists to create exhibitions specifically for the x-rummet venue.

In the x-rummet you can experience young Danish artists who have not yet staged major exhibitions in Denmark – or international artists whose work has not yet been presented on Danish soil.

We collaborate with artists, who work with current artistic problems. Artists, whose works are helping to define important positions on the international art scene.

You will find the entrance for the x-rummet in the Sculpture Street.

Elmgreen & Dragset, Elevated Gallery / Powerless Structures, Fig. 146, 2001.

Henrik Olesen, Afsked med forældrene, 2014. Installationsfoto: Anders Sune Berg


x-rummet is supported by
Det Obelske Familiefond.

Past exhibitions in x-rummet

Past exhibitions

x-rummet has been the SMK's experimental venue for contemporary art since 2001. Read about past exhibitions.

Emily Wardill, Emily Wardill i x-rummet, 2012. Installationsfoto: Anders Sune Berg