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    About cookies and privacy

    What is a cookie?

    When you visit the website one or more cookies will automatically be transferred from to your browser. A cookie is a small text file that does not contain any personal information. This is to say that cookies do not tell us who you are. You will remain entirely anonymous when using our website unless you actively choose to submit details to commentaries, quizzes, and/or press and newsletter services.

    Why do we use cookies?

    Cookies enable us to get accurate statistics about how our website is used. The information we get includes statistics on the types of browsers used, the pages viewed, and click rates on links. We use this information to form an overview of how the website is used. We cannot identify you by name, nor would we want to. We simply use the statistics provided by the cookies to improve our website.

    We also use cookies to make it possible to e.g. share events from our calendar on Facebook. Similarly, we use cookies to keep track of whether you are logged onto pages that are login protected.

    If you have any questions about our use of cookies you are always welcome to contact us:

    Privacy policy

    We store your personal information securely and treat it confidentially. For example, only a limited number of relevant staff members have access to your information.

    We do not forward or sell any personal information to third parties.

    However, we cannot guarantee that data transfers via the Internet are fully safe. Unknown parties may gain illegal, forced access to protected data when such data is transmitted and stored electronically. Of course we make every effort to protect your personal information, but please note that you submit all information at your own risk.

    Avoiding cookies

    You can avoid cookies if you wish, and you can remove existing cookies from your computer.

    The exact measures for avoiding cookies depend on which browser you use. Use the links below to find guidelines on how to remove and block cookies in various browsers:

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