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The vision for the new Museum Garden

The Museum Garden today
The garden is currently limited by a Baroque inspired design from 1919 that features a tight network of paths, roses, shrubbery hedges and rows of trees facing the street. The garden closes, instead of opening up, to the surrounding streets of Sølvgade and Østre Voldgade creating a lack of space for activities and movement within the garden.

With its 7500m2, the garden is the size of Copenhagen’s City Hall Square and has enormous potential.

The new Museum Garden
The vision for the Museum Garden is an open and welcoming entrance to the museum with excellent opportunities for breaks and social gatherings. The Museum Garden will be a place where there are various activities for a diversity of users. Whether you are a family with children, student, dog walker or tourist, the garden will feel like a haven.

The vision for the Museum Garden is to be:

  • Open and accommodating
  • Spacious with room for diversity
  • A social meeting place
  • A green garden
  • Accessible to all users
  • Sustainable

Museum quarter
The Museum Garden will also contribute to an increased focus on the museums near the parks in the area of Rosenborg Castle, The David Collection, the Copenhagen Filmhouse, the Natural History Museum of Denmark, The Hirschsprung Collection and the National Gallery of Denmark. The museums' proximity and association with green parks is an important feature of this part of Copenhagen, and increased cooperation between institutions is desired to improve people's experience with the city and make cultural life richer.

Historical Images of the Museum Garden

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