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© Julie Nord, 2005. Kathrine Ærtebjerg, 2003. Michael Kvium, 2007.

About Copyright

In accordance with current copyright legislation, permission for reproduction of works of art by artists who were alive within the last 70 years must be sought in connection with photo orders. This means you must obtain permission from the copyright holder of the work, besides the normal photo order sent to the National Gallery of Denmark.

Copy-Dan Billedkunst administers the rights of reproduction for many Danish artists, and there are similar companies abroad. Copy-Dan Billedkunst can arrange for contact to these sister companies.

Some artists administer their own rights, in which case you must make personal agreements with the individual artist. Further information about this and more information about rights can be obtained by contacting:

Copy-Dan Billedkunst
Vester Fælled Torv 10
2100 Copenhagen Ø

T 35 44 14 00
F 35 44 14 14

If the artist has been deceased for more than 70 years, the copyright of the work has expired. In this case, as stated in the conditions for rent for the use of the Museum’s photographic material, you need only state that the reproduced work is owned by the National Gallery of Denmark and that the photograph has been taken by the Museum’s photographers, SMK Photo.

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