Here you can read about how to reuse the texts and images that you find on our website.

    How can you use text from the website?

    Please feel free to quote text from our website, as long as you refer to the National Gallery of Denmark as the source. We appreciate it if you would also link back to the specific place on the website where you found the text.

    How can you use images that are a part of Creative Commons?

    You are free to use images of artworks where it is clearly stated that they are licensed under Creative Commons, both for private and commercial purposes. We kindly ask you to refer to National Gallery of Denmark as the source. See which images are available under a Creative Commons license

    How can you use images that are protected by copyright?

    You can get permission to use all other images of artworks by contacting our photo unit. This also applies to photographs of the museum, of guided tours, and the like.

    You do not have to ask for permission to use the image if:

    • you want to print 2 paper copies of an artwork for private use
    • you want to use a digital version of the artwork for private use where only you and your household has access to view it. For instance in an electronic image archive on your personal computer.

    In all other instances please contact the SMK photo unit.

    How do you seek permission to use an image that is protected by copyright?

    If the artwork is still under copyright because it is less than 70 years since the artist passed away, you must both contact the SMK photo unit, and seek permission from the copyright owner to use the artwork. If you don't know who owns the copyright, or if you have any other questions pertaining to copyright, please contact Copydan Billedkunst:

    Copydan Billedkunst
    Bryggervangen 8
    2100 København Ø
    Telephone: 3544 1491

    Do you have any questions on how to use artworks, photographs, or texts from our website you are welcome to send an email to

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