Seminars, conferences, and workshops

The SMK regularly hosts conferences, seminars, and workshops that take their point of departure in the SMK’s current research projects.

At the SMK you can take part in academic events that reflect the wide scope of the museum’s research and related activities.

The museum’s conferences, seminars, and workshops cover a wide range of subjects, from art history to topics within the fields of conservation, learning & interpretation, and communication; all of which are represented within the SMK organisation.

Research strategy

Research strategy

Read about the SMK's research strategy.

Research projects

Research projects

Delve into a wide selection of subjects, ranging from the history of the Nordic avant-garde movement to Venetian drawings.

Symposium on Museum Climate

Museum Climate

In 2010 the SMK hosted an international symposium about the museum climate of the future.

Seminar on Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art

In 2008, the SMK and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts arranged a seminar on contemporary art.

Seminar: Around Surrealism


In 2008 the SMK and Louisiana Museum of Modern Art jointly hosted an international seminar on Surrealism.

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