Program and presentations, Day 1

Monday November 3, 2008 at the National Gallery of Denmark

Morning Session: Contemporary Art - Paradoxes and Challenges
Moderator: Jørgen Wadum

Welcome and Introduction with Karsten Ohrt, Director of Statens Museum for Kunst and Mikkel Bogh, Rector of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

Dr. Dirk Luckow, Director Kunsthalle zu Kiel, Germany: You can't avoid 'memento mori’ - Contemporary art at Kunsthalle zu Kiel

Christian Scheidemann, Senior Conservator, Contemporary Conservation, New York: Concerning the Gradual Construction of Thoughts while Speaking – an Interdisciplinary Discourse on the Process of Aging - discussing the approach of artists, conservators, historians and philosophers in regard to the aging process of non–traditional materials in contemporary art


Lunch 11.45-13.00

Afternoon session: Authenticity, History, and Reproducibility
Moderator: Ysbrand Hummelem

Joachim Koester, Artist, Denmark, New York: Drifting through the “subtle realms” – History as a dormant presence; a modest proposal for how to engage

Mikkel Bogh, Rector, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Denmark: Preserving Perception: Ideas of Embodiment in Conceptual Art from Joseph Kosuth to Joachim Koester

Lyndsey Morgan, Conservator, Tate Modern, London, UK: The 3-D documentation of early plastic sculptures by Naum Gabo

14.40-15.10 coffee/tea break

Thea Winther, Conservator, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden: Understanding ‘Flocked’ – a case study of a Keith Sonnier latex art work from the late 1960s


Marianne Torp, curator, Statens Museums for Kunst, introduction to the special exhibition "Reality Check". Special viewing "Reality Check" including Mike Nelson’s work Kristus och Judas: A Structural Conceit (a performance in three parts)

16.15-17.00: Viewing of exhibitions

See program and presentations, Day 2

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