Program and presentations

Monday March 1st 2010

9:15 Welcome by Karsten Ohrt, Director, National Gallery of Denmark

9.25 Introduction by Dr. Jørgen Wadum, Keeper of Conservation

9:30 Session one: Museum climate – a choice

Dr. Lykke Friis, Minister for Climate and Energy and Minister for Gender Equality, opening speech

Stefan Michalski, Senior Conservation Scientist, Canadian Conservation Institute, member ASHRAE, Canada: Decision models for the protection of collections

Sarah Staniforth, Historic Properties Director National Trust, UK: Climate change and museum practices

10:30 Discussion/summing up, Dr. David Saunders, British Museum, UK

11:00 Coffee/tea

11:30 Session two: Air quality

Michael K. Hansen, Head of Security and Maintenance, SMK: Going green –challenges and possibilities

Dr. Morten Ryhl Svendsen, Nationalmuseet, Denmark: Energy consumption vs. quality of indoor climate

12:10 Discussion/summing up, Dr. Tor Broström, Gotland University, Sweden

12:30 Lunch at SMK

14:00 Session three: NI-regulations and EU standards

Dr. Susanna Pettersson, Director of Development, Finnish National Gallery: EU-ambitions for Collections Mobility

Dr. David Saunders, Keeper of Conservation British Museum, UK: Loan exhibitions: challenges and responses

14:40 Discussion/summing up, Rasmus Vestergaard, director SNYK and Chairman of the Danish Museum Organisation (ODM)

14:50 Coffee/tea

15:15 Session four: The museum as part of the green movement

Martin Fluri, Director EPEA Copenhagen, Denmark: Going beyond green - Cradle to Cradle, a strategy for quality and total beauty

Dr. Tim Padfield, Freelance consultant in preventive conservation, UK: The museum as part of the green movement

15:50 Final panel discussion, by Dr. Tim Padfield, Freelance consultant in preventive conservation, UK

16:30 Introduction by Curator Henrik Holm and visit to the special SMK exhibition Nature Strikes Back and RETHINK Relations, the Gallery’s contribution to the multi-venue exhibition RETHINK Contemporary Art & Climate Change, followed by a reception.

The seminar is organised by the National Gallery of Denmark in collaboration with The Association of Danish Museums (ODM) and made possible thanks to a generous grant from the Heritage Agency of Denmark (KUAS)

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