Illuminated – Tracing Bosch and Bruegel

Date: 4. may. 2012 - 21. oct. 2012
Time: 10:00 - 17:00
Price: Free

An exhibition about detective work and a rare opportunity to gain insight into how the art of the past can be explored using the latest scientific methods.

Four Flemish paintings: alike – and entirely different
It looks like a piece of detective work, but in actual fact it is an exhibition about four Flemish 16th century paintings. The paintings look exactly alike – and yet they don’t. The question is how they are connected – if indeed they are connected?

Technical analyses reveal secrets
The four paintings have been analysed and studied by means of x-radiography, infrared imaging, UV fluorescence, dendrochronology and pigment analyses. The objective was to study the materials and techniques of copying employed by artists who worked in the style of the popular masters Hieronymus Bosch (c. 1450-1516) and Pieter Bruegel the Elder (c. 1527-1569).

Follow the study

Delve into the hidden layers
Surprising answers and results emerged during the studies, and the exhibition Illuminated – Tracing Bosch and Bruegel invites visitors to look behind the scenes and explore the findings.

The exhibition offers a rare opportunity to delve all the way down into the paintings’ many hidden layers and gain insight into how the art of the past can be investigated by means of modern science.

A participatory exhibition

Twenty art pilots from the ULK Art Labs for Young People have co-operated with conservators and staff from the Gallery’s education services to create the exhibition.

Their co-operation has brought about a different kind of exhibition where you can explore the conservators’ workshops and the history of the paintings.

Follow the art pilots on their journey through the conservators’ world

Visiting information

Opening hours

Tuesday -Sunday 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Wednesday 10 a.m.-8 p.m.
Monday closed

Free admission

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Museets maleri Kristus uddriver kræmmerne af templet fra 1569.
Museets maleri set i infrarødt lys
Museets maleri set gennem UV-lys
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