What's Happening?

Date: 26. mar. 2015 - 2. aug. 2015
Price: Entré

Art was torn from the frames and down from the pedestals. It mixed and merged with popular culture, everyday life, fashion, sexual liberation, and the new women’s movement.

A new generation of artists, writers, and critics no longer inquired into what art is, but rather into what art does. The view of what it meant to be an artist changed too, giving rise to new, collective working processes and manifestations.

The What’s Happening? exhibition focuses on on experimental art from the period 1965 to 1975.

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© Bjørn Nørgaard og Lene Adler Petersen. Photo from the performance Uddrivelsen fra templet / Den kvindelige Kristus på Børsen in Copenhagen 29 May 1969 (detail). Photo: John Davidsen
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