Flowers and World Views

Date: 22. mar. 2013 - 20. oct. 2013
Time: 10:00 - 17:00
Price: Admission

Step into a splendid garden

The exhibition presents a spectacular and lush extravaganza of flower paintings spanning two centuries. Explore familiar and rare exotic flowers – and find strange blooms you have never seen before.

A flower is not just a flower

The exhibition offers a sensuous walk through the rich variety of the world of flowers, but it also digs deeper to show that a flower is not simply a flower.

The artists’ representations of flowers, fruit, and plants are affected by history and the prevalent world view. A picture of a flower is a picture of its own time.

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What’s on?

Get creative in the drawing studio, see the conservators at work, and much more. The café and bookshop also focus on flowers. 

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View the flowers up close

We have made the many paintings from the vast album known as The Gottorfer Codex available here, allowing you to view them in full close-up. 

View the many flower paintings

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