Children and families
A creative product made by a person visiting the workshops.

A birthday held at SMK includes a visit to the workshops.

Birthday celebration at The Children's Museum of Art

Host your children’s birthday at the SMK

Your next children’s birthday can be hosted at the SMK – a different kind of experience focusing on creativity and the imagination.

We offer a themed guided tour that is specially customised to children and reflects the particular interests of the birthday child. After the tour the children will enter the museum’s workshop and carry out creative, hands-on work supervised by an Academy-trained artist.

Themes: Choose from themes such as Portraits, Fairytales, Fantasy, and Sculpture

Duration: 2 hours

Price: DKK 1,000 (DKK 1,100 when held in languages other than Danish)

To book, call (+45) 3374 8484 or e-mail

PLEASE NOTE: Candles cannot be lit on the museum’s premises due to its fire protection system.

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