Jakob S. Boeskov, Sissy, 2007

© Jakob S. Boeskov, Sissy, 2007

Jakob S. Boeskov: Siggimund

4 April - 6 September 2009

The Danish artist Jakob S. Boeskov (b. 1973) has been very much in the public eye in recent years due to a number of original manifestations which have impacted on real life – especially the political world – both critically and satirically.

Boeskov employed his alter ego Siggimund in this exhibition in the Collection of Prints and Drawings to describe a restless and dissipated artist’s life, in which the personal ups and downs were transformed into satire and poetry in a tangled mixture of personal and political statements. There was an additional bonus, in that some of Boeskov’s personal favourites, including Asger Jorn, Guy Debord and Haldór Laxness, was involved in the exhibition, where the artist’s new drawings and videos was inscribed in spray-painted murals.

Watch the film featuring Jakob S. Boeskov

Jakob S. Boeskov: Siggimund

Jakob S. Boeskov talks about "The Secret DK", about badges and logos, the piece "The Wreck", about Irony, the piece "2004-2005", about provoking and changing the world.

Producer, Interviewer: Mathilde Schytz Juul
Editing, Producer assistant, Camera: Mads Damsbo
Contributory: Jakob S. Boeskov
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