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The Study Room at SMK. Frida Gregersen. SMK-Photo.

Visit the Study Room – an exclusive art experience

Please note: The study room is closed from 23 December 2014 till 5 January 2015 (both days included).

As something quite exceptional, the study room provides close contact with world art on paper – the whole Royal Collection of Graphic Art from Dürer, Rembrandt and Goya, Picasso and Matisse to Abildgaard, Kirkeby and Tal R.

With more than 245.000 works of art on paper from the 15th century to today, the National Gallery of Denmark has the largest collection of drawings and graphic art in the country.

In the study room it is possible to get drawings, water colours, sketch books, photographs and all forms of graphic art out of the Museum’s store rooms.

Open to all

The study room is open to everybody who is interested, both individuals and groups.

Book a time in the study room

Tuesday to Friday, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Phone + 45 2552 7213

Notice, the study room is closed during holidays, constitution day (5 June) and the days between Christmas and New Year.

Visiting information

There are a number of precautions in connection with visits to the study room which have to be followed for security reasons:

  • You'll need to book a time for your visit (see above).

  • All large bags and coats must be deposited in the Museum cloakroom. From the Information transparent plastic bags are available for any material you wish to take into the study room. Lap-tops are permitted.
  • Every visitor to the study room is registered. Remember to take picture identification with you, passport or driver's license.
  • For reasons of conservation, all visitors to the study room must wash their hands before entering.
  • A restroom is located next to the Study Room.

The staff is at your service, if you have any questions.

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