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Get creative at the Children's Workshop

Marvellous art books, sculpted flowers, painted portraits – or something else entirely. During the summer holidays, you can explore new themed activities every week at the Children’s Workshop. Our art educated house artists will be ready to help you kickstart your imagination.

Recommended age: +3 years
Dates: Tue–Sun from 3 July to 12 August, 11.30 – 16.30
Price: DKK 30 + standard museum admission fee

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The SMK café, Kafeteria, is open all summer long, tempting you with delicious cakes, freshly baked bread and food made from high-quality ingredients. You can also cool down with an ice cream in the Museum Garden.

Kafeteria is located just inside the museum’s main entrance. No museum ticket required.

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Symbolist Drawings 1890-1910

This summer’s special exhibition shows works from an era of Danish art where symbolism flourished and artists delved into matters of spirit, soul and form in their work. Witness dreams and visions taking shape as gnarly trees, closely entwined figures and pregnant women.

The special exhibition is open during the museum’s standard opening hours until 12 August

Price: Standard museum admission fees

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Get creative at the Children’s Workshop

Marvellous art books, sculpted flowers, painted portraits – or something else entirely. During the summer holidays, you can explore new themed activities every week at the Children’s Workshop. We begin in week 27 (on Tuesday 3 July) by making various kinds of prints, but if you miss out on that, don’t despair: next week’s theme will be every bit as fun.

See every summer theme at the Children’s Workshop. (link)

Recommended age: +3 years

Dates: Tue–Sun from 3 July to 12 August, 11.30 – 16.30

Price: DKK 30 + standard museum admission fee

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New exhibition: "Art shouldn't be too serious" In the exhibiton OUT by German artist Judith Hoph you can encounter a flying cinema, strolling... "Art shouldn’t be too serious," says German artist Judith Hopf. And indeed humour is a key feature of the Berlin-based artist’s works as she explores how everyday objects, architecture and technology affect the human body, our behaviour and our relationships with each other. 

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Judith Hoph, Laptop Men fra OUT, 2018.

About Judith Hopf

German artist Judith Hopf (b. 1969) lives and works in Berlin. She has been a professor at the Städelschule in Frankfurt since 2008. 

In recent years she has had solo shows at e.g. KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin; Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; Museion, Bolzano; PRAXES Center for Contemporary Art, Berlin; Studio Voltaire, London. She very recently inaugurated a large outdoor sculpture project in Milan.

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Zoom in on the details with new app Stand in Vilhelm Hammershøi's living room, dine at a Roman Osteria or join L.A. Rings wife on the... With SMK Second Canvas you can explore a selection of the museum's masterpieces in higher quality than ever before.

You can zoom, read details about the painting and in some cases you can even see an infra-red picture of the painting, and scrutinise all of the underlying details.

A billion pixels
It's the Spanish developer Madpixel, who also digitalizes for Google, that through gigapixel-technology lets's you lean in over the velvet rope and study details that are usually reserved for conservators or that would set of all of the museum's alarms.

About SMK Second Canvas

Second Canvas is available for several museums like the Prado Museum and Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid, where it has already become one of the most downloaded educational apps for iOS in Spain in March.

The app is free and available for both iOS and Android. It can be used in both Danish and English.

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New exhibition: Hieroglyphs – Symbolist Drawings 1890-1910 In the exhibition you can delve beneath the surface to explore inner realities. Discover works from... Directing their attention to the soul and humanity’s inner lives, artists such as J.F. Willumsen, Johannes Holbek and Jens Lund developed a new visual idiom in art as the nineteenth century drew to a close. This spring’s special exhibition homes in on the Symbolist movement, exploring the great significance of drawing in Danish art during this period.

Featuring more than a hundred works of art, the exhibition allows you to delve into hidden narratives, dreams and visions that have taken form as gnarled trees and flowers - and to explore the humorous distortions of caricature at close quarters.

Johannes Holbek, The Barber, 1901.

Try a drawing workshop
Try your own hand at the art of drawing. During two workshops inspired by the exhibition you can explore serpentine flowers, entwined figures and caricatured hairdos.

The workshops will take place on 16 and 30 May on the Stage.

Hieroglyphs – Symbolist Drawings 1890-1910

Exhibition period
19 April - 12 August 2018 

Standard admission or SMK Annual Pass

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Amalie Smith creates video project for SMK In an all-new video project created especially for SMK, artist and writer Amalie Smith focuses on... Artist  and writer Amalie Smith has created the video project ENTER especially for SMK. You can watch the teaser for the project here. 

ENTER takes place in a fictional future where the museum collections have been uploaded and lead their own digital lives online. The collection’s figurative paintings have merged, forming a three-dimensional digital architecture inhabited by a group of conscious digital entities – among them a moth that flew into the US military’s Mark II computer in 1947 and since became known as ‘the original computer bug'’.

About Amalie Smith
Amalie Smith (born 1985) graduated from Forfatterskolen (The Danish creative writing school) in 2009 and from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2015.

Her works are predominantly focused on text and image, video, room and sound. She has published seven books, the latest being Et hjerte i alt from 2015. That same year she received a three year work grant from the Danish Arts Foundation

You can experience her artist intervention in the SMK cinema from 16 March - 9 September. The video is shown in loop and lasts 7:40 minutes.


During the course of the last two years, SMK has invited a number of artists to stage various interventions in the museum collections. They create alternative ways of presenting and talking about art, offering new perspectives and approaches in addition to those provided by the museum itself.

The video ENTER by Amalie Smith is the sixth project in the series of artist interventions.

Previous interventions

Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen

Christian Falsnaes

Henrik Plenge Jakobsen


Concept and script: Amalie Smith
Photographer: David Stjernholm Sound design: Amalie Smith Music: Sonja LaBianca(saxofon)
3D animation by: William Reynish
3D animation of paintings: Amalie Smith
Paintings: The SMK collection
Editing: Amalie Smith
Cast: Jakob Skou-Hansen, Rikke Zinck

Artworks from the SMK Collection featured in the video:
A scene from Mont Salève, Switzerland, after a wassail by Jens Juel (KKSgb4432), View from the Artist’s Window by Martinus Rørbye (KMS7452),Interior in Strandgade, Sunlight on the Floor by Vilhelm Hammershøi (KMS3696), Autumn Crocus in a Window by Johannes Larsen (KMS3949), A Sculptor (Christen Christensen) in his Studio Working after the Life by Wilhelm Bendz (KMS62), Plucking the Geese by Anna Ancher (KMS1845),Breton Girl Looking After Plants in the Hothouse by Anna Petersen (KMS8289), The Midwife Taking Leave of the girl from Andros. From Terence´s Andria by Nicolai Abildgaard (KMS589), A Group of Danish Artists in Rome by Constantin Hansen (KMS 3236), A Funeral by Frants Henningsen (KMS1218), A Sardinery at Concarneau, Brittany by P.S. Krøyer (KMS3108), The Death of Queen Sophie Amalie by Kristian Zahrtmann (KMS1231), The Garden Steps Leading to the Artist's Studio on Blegdammen, Copenhagen by Christen Købke (KMS6605), Family Portrait by Emil Bærentzen (KMS8588), The Iron Foundry, Burmeister and Wain by P.S. Krøyer (KMS3605) and A Funeral by Anna Ancher (KMS1433).

Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation 

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Easter holiday at SMK: The Power of Colour - and Matisse! SMK just got an exceptional artwork by the French master Henri Matisse. All Easter we will be...
Children’s Workshop: The Power of Colour

What happens when you mix your favourite colour with the colour you dislike the most? Mixing colours is pure magic. And this Easter we focus on an artist who always let colours run wild in his paintings: Henri Matisse.

Come and join us in letting the colours speak. We will paint, do paper cut-outs and create colourful sculptures.

Dates: 27 March – 2 April 11.30 – 16.30
Price: DKK 30 + standard admission fee

Open on Easter Monday

SMK is usually closed on Mondays, but will be open on Easter Monday, 2 April, from 11.00 to 17.00. Take this opportunity to visit the special exhibitions Art in the Making and Ursula Reuter Christiansen:THE EXECUTIONER, or to explore the collection, where you will find colourful French art, Danish Golden Age landscapes, experimental contemporary art and much more.

Date: 2 April 11.00 – 17.00
Price: standard admission fee


Visit SMK’s all-new café, Kafeteria, and be tempted by delicious cakes, freshly baked bread and high-quality food. 

The café is created by restaurateur Frederik Bille Brahe, who developed the cuisine at Kafeteria in co-operation with chef Jakob Kjær. Kafeteria focuses on organically grown, high-quality seasonal produce. The café has its own bakery, so you will always find a large selection of home-made cakes and freshly baked bread.

Kafeteria is located right inside the museum’s main entrance and can be visited without paying any museum admission fees.

Opening hours: Kafeteria is open during the museum’s opening hours 


SMK Shop

All through Easter you can buy Matisse catalogues at a large discount. 

You can also browse the inspiring selection of Danish and international art books as well as a range of gifts, stationary, and unique design objects.

Opening hours: The shop is open during the museum's opening hours. 

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"Kom" and practice your Danish at SMK SMK is launching a brand new season of SMK KOM 7. March, where languages and cultures come together... Would you like to practice your Danish language skills? Or help others do that? And would you like to do that over a nice cup of coffee amongst 700 years of art? Then SMK KOM may be just the thing for you.

We have launched SMK KOM because we saw a great need for this kind of initiative. We know that talking about art has very special potential. Conversations based on art soon engage with life experiences, identity and emotions. And that’s very motivational when you’re learning a new language and entering into new social spheres and communities, explains art educator Julie Johnsen.

Every Wednesday between 16.00 and 19.00 you can visit the SMK KOM social event at the National Gallery of Denmark to speak Danish, look at art and meet new people. It is absolutely free, everyone is welcome – and the first event has just taken place.

You help decide what happens

SMK KOM has grown out of SMK’s collaboration with language schools. SMK has worked with language schools since 2013.

By now we have built a large network of people who do not have Danish as their first language. Now we launch a new format where anything and everything can happen. At SMK KOM you help decide what happens, says Julie Johnsen.

Practical information

Statens Museum for Kunst, Sølvgade 48-50, København. Wee meet in the Sculpture Street.

Every Wednesday from 7. March. From 4-7. (You are welcome to arrive and leave at any time within this period).

Who can join?
Language school students/course participants and anyone else who wants to practice their Danish.

How much does it cost?
The event is free, and participants get free admission to the museum. No advance registration required.

Do you have any other question about the event? Then feel free to contact Annette Skov or Vera Østrup.

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Winter holidays at SMK: Be an artist for the day How is a work of art created? The exhibition Art in the Making tries to answer this question, which...

Photo: Brittany Laura Overgaard

Make your own masterpieces
Sketch, sculpt, go! In the Children’s Workshop you can sketch out your ideas before you set out to create your very own masterpiece.

The museum’s in-house artists are ready to help you get the creative juices flowing. 

Dates: 10 – 18 February 11.30 – 16.30. Also every Saturday and Sunday in February.
Price: DKK 30 + standard admission fee. For ages 3 and up



Create a collective work of art
We have heaps of clay, lots of brushes and plenty of paint in every colour. On 12 February – the Monday beginning the winter holidays – you can help us create five works of art that will be placed in the Sculpture Street afterwards.

The five works will be on display all through the winter holidays so that they can be admired by everyone visiting.

Date: 12 February 11.30 – 15.30
Price: Free with standard admission

Carnival party!
Come as a dinosaur, fairy, superhero or whatever you wish. It’s carnival time at SMK – known as ‘fastelavn’ in Danish.

Before we carry out the traditional Danish carnival tradition of ‘beating the barrel’, you can join us for a guided tour of the museum collection to see fancy costumes, masks, the crown of the ‘Cat King’ and other carnival motifs in art. You can also help us create a huge carnival picture.

12.00 – 14.00: Help us create a giant carnival picture
12.30: Carnival-themed guided tour for children
13.20: ‘Beating the barrel’ – a traditional Danish carnival game

To celebrate the day, the café serves traditional Danish carnival buns (‘fastelavnsboller’) and steaming mugs of hot cocoa. 

Date: 11 February 12.00 – 14.00
Price: Varies deprending on activity

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Upcoming exhibition: Art in the Making How is a work of art made? Now you can see how various artists worked, following the creative... The exhibition Art in the Making gives you a glimpse into how various artists have worked through the ages, offering insight into the thoughts, deliberations and sketches that precede the final works of art.

How does the initial idea for a work of art arise? What stages and processes does the work undergo before it is finished? Find out here.

At this exhibition, you will be able to explore sketches and finished works by artists such as El Greco, Rembrandt, Edgar Degas, Nicolai Abildgaard, Bertel Thorvaldsen, Christen Købke, P.S. Krøyer and many other great masters of art history.

Hans Holbein the Elder, The head of a crossbowman taking aim,1514-1515

Draw your own masterpiece
You can also try your own hand at croquis drawing every Sunday at the exhibition’s art workshop – and enjoy inspiring talks featuring some of the greatest artists working today. Keep an eye on our calendar for updates.


Exhibition period: 8 February – 6 May

Admission fee (free to Annual Pass holders)

Keep an eye out for our event programme, which will be presented in our calendar.

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New exhibition in the x-room: SÅ LÆNGE DET VARER* The artist Nairy Baghramian has created a work of art especially for x-rummet at SMK. A large,... The artist Nairy Baghramian has created a work of art especially for x-rummet at SMK. A large, sculptural piece consisting of milky, semi-transparent forms balancing precariously on tall, shiny legs.

Nairy Baghramian: SÅ LÆNGE DET VARER*
in the x-room 7 December – 2 April 2018

Now you can explore the exhibition SÅ LÆNGE DET VARER* [As long as it lasts] in the x-room at SMK – an entirely new project by the internationally acclaimed German artist Nairy Baghramian. 

Inspired by an iconic steel grid structure from the exhibition venue The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago, the artist has produced an installation especially for SMK.

Today the structure has been taken down again, and Nairy Baghramian got hold of a piece of the steel grid, reconstructing it in wood and casting it in silicone. What was originally a firmly solid, load-bearing grid structure made of steel has now been transformed into fragile shapes delicately poised on spindly legs

About the artist

German artist Nairy Baghramian (born in 1971 in Isfahan, Iran) lives and works in Berlin, Germany. The x-room exhibition constitutes the artist’s first solo show in Scandinavia. 

Baghramian’s exhibition activity includes DOCUMENTA 14, Kassel (2017), Skulptur Projekte Münster 2017 and 2007, and solo shows at e.g. Walker Art Center, Minneapolis (2017–18), S.M.A.K. Museum of Contemporary Art, Ghent (2016), Museo Tamayo, Mexico City (2015) and Art Institute of Chicago (2014).

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