Children's Workshop: Easter Fun

Date: 9. apr. 2017
Time: 11:30 - 16:30
Price: One-day ticket + 30 DKK. Free with an Annual Pass MINI

What do eggs, carpets, curry powder and foam rubber have in common?

Well, you can use all of them to create an experimental Easter-themed work of art! Every day we launch a new kind of experiment in the Children's Workshop. Come and paint with eggs, or join us as we mix curry powder or cardamom into the paint. We have also piled up stacks of fun materials just waiting to be transformed into crazy sculptures.

Practical information 
Recommended ages: 3 and up.
Saturday 8 April – Monday 17 April from 11.30 to 16.30 (except Monday 10 April, where SMK is closed as usual)
Price: A valid One-day ticket + DKK 30.

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