Cultural Night at SMK: Family Stories

Date: 13. oct. 2017
Time: 18:00 - 23:59
Price: Free with Kulturpas

This year’s Culture Night event at SMK focuses on families. Explore the new exhibition: Gillian Wearing - Family Stories, Join us for incisive art talks about family portraits through the ages, explore the collections in the company of SMK’s director, draw your own family and have yourself a family dinner.

The Children’s Workshop: Family portraits
The Sculpture Street presents creative activities for the entire family as we invite everyone to take part in our drawing workshops.

The Children’s Workshop: Family sculptures
Join us as we create family sculptures out of all sorts of materials.

Family dance
The Stage has been transformed into a huge dance floor with coloured lights and mirror balls. So put on your dancing shoes and bust a move!

Explore this autumn’s special exhibition: Gillian Wearing - Family Stories
Explore works that examine different family constructs and the boundaries between the private and the public.

Portrait of you and your family
There are family pictures everywhere! In the museum lobby you can have your family portrait taken as a polaroid.

Family dinner
Take a breather in the museum’s café and enjoy a real family dinner seated at long tables.

Kulturpasset can be bought at museums in Copenhagen and on Frederiksberg as well as in 7/11's in the capital area.

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