Matisse’s Artistic Personality

Date: 13. oct. 2012
Time: 14:00 - 15:00
Price: Free
Lokation: Cinema

Matisse’s Artistic Personality
In connection with the exhibition "Henri Matisse – Doubles and Variations" Caroline Levisse will explore Matisse’s ”artistic” personality as it is expressed in his works. The lecture will first address how the artist “expresses himself”. It will then consider some of the paradoxes that appear to have characterised Matisse’s artistic personality: modern, yet classical; avant-garde, yet bourgeois; happy, yet concerned; easy, yet difficult: decorative, yet contemplative.

About Caroline Levisse
Caroline Levisse is a PhD scholar with the university of Paris VIII Saint-Denis-Vincennes. Her research focuses on the relationship between contemporary art, religion, and spirituality with a particular focus on Scandinavia. She currently resides in Copenhagen and teaches Open University classes (in French) on a range of subjects relating to modern art and contemporary art.

The lecture is arranged in co-operation with The French Institute in Denmark, which has also provided financial support.

Please note: The lecture will be held in English.

Henri Matisse, Le Luxe II, 1907-8
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