Puppetry performance

Date: 13. apr. 2014
Time: 15:00 - 15:30
Price: Free
Lokation: The Sculpture Street

Simon Starling (1967-) has created a puppet theatre that is now housed in the museum’s Sculpture Street. This Sunday you can watch a puppetry performance in the small, exquisite theatre. 

Starling’s work of art is a full-scale wooden replica of the puppet theatre in the Kongens Have park in Copenhagen; the original theatre can be found in one of the park’s neoclassical pavilions. Simon Starling has painstakingly replicated the delicately lovely building, complete with a stage, props, and backstage facilities.

The puppetry performance The Expedition from 2011 is produced in a style reminiscent of the puppet shows performed in the original puppet theatre in Kongens Have. We follow an adventurer as he attempts to reach New York in a canoe. The main protagonist is a puppet version of the artist himself, and the entire plot can be regarded as a kind of miniature retrospective of Starling’s entire artistic body of work.

The performance is aimed at adults. Children from the age of 3 upwards may join the adults in the audience.

The Expedition, SMK 2014

Concept and scenario: Simon Starling
Directed by: Edward Lloyd Pierce
Music by: Ole Højer Hansen
Puppeteers: Astrid Kjær Jensen, Anya Sass

Simon Starling, The Expedition, 2011. Foto: Anders Sune Berg.
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