SMK FRIDAYS: Close your eyes and listen

Date: 14. nov. 2014
Time: 15:00 - 22:00
Price: Free

SMK Fridays offer an excellent opportunity for injecting a dose of culture into your Friday nights. Relax with a drink, get better acquainted with a wide variety of art, and enjoy art talks, music, film, and street food.


“Close your eyes and listen” is the mantra chosen for evening of 14th November because this instalment of SMK Fridays events, the last of the season, is all about sound art.

The evening’s attractions include the sound artist Jonas Olesen, Københavns Radiobiograf/The Copenhagen Radio Cinema, and the writer/sound poet Morten Søndergaard – and you’ll also find the CPH:DOX film festival presenting a sneak preview prior to their official launch!

Radio Cinema

The Copenhagen Radio Cinema (“Københavns Radiobiograf”) takes over the SMK cinema all night, presenting the results of some intensive digging around in the archives of the Danish broadcasting corporation, DR, where they have been rummaging through a vast collection of old tape reels, shellac records, and DAT tapes. Expect to hear diabolical electronic music from the 1960s, uncompromising Fluxus radio, and playful collages of words.


The Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, CPH:DOX, offers a sneak preview from its official programme by screening the documentary film Komponist (“Composer”) from 2014 (52 min) by Danish director Ida Bach Jensen. Afterwards we will present the film Svævninger (“Floatings”) by Sofie Tønsberg.

Sound art on the Stage

The composer and electronic musician Jonas Olesen has created a montage that incorporates technical glitches, discussions on dangerous electronic music, recordings of psychic mediums, and sound effects from Nazi radio plays.

Morten Søndergaard plays on the entire Østre Anlæg park

Working in collaboration with the festival Wundergrund, we zoom in on the Danish artist and sound pioneer Knud Viktor. We present a number of Viktor’s sound and film works, and afterwards the poet and sound artist Morten Søndergaard will take over the SMK stage: He will perform, live on stage, a new work in which he absorbs and uses sounds from the entire Østre Anlæg park, mixing them with Viktor’s original recordings.

Aural Art Disco

The sound artist Sandra Boss has DJ’ed a set comprising some of the best Danish sound art from the 1950s to the present day. Sandra will also bring the evening to a great conclusion as this evening’s SMK Fridays Artist-DJ.

Drinks, treats, and great art

As always, the evening offers plenty of art talks, drinks, street food and the opportunity to see the museum’s exhibitions outside of the museum’s usual opening hours.

Selected highlights from the evening’s programme

• 15:00 The CPH:DOX film festival presents screenings of the documentary films Komponist (“Composer”) and Svævninger (“Floatings”)

• From 16.30 onwards The Copenhagen Radio Cinema takes over the SMK cinema, using it to play radio art to seated audiences.

• 17:30 Poet and sound artist Morten Søndergaard extracts and uses sounds from the Østre Anlæg park.

• 18:45 Hear – and see – Jacob Kirkegaard’s sound art piece PIVOT on the Stage.

• 19.30 Composer/musician Jonas Olesen presents the first-ever performance of a new work created using materials from 1925-2014 found in the Danish broadcasting corporation’s archives.

• 16:30 and 20:30: Sound artist Sandra Boss plays a set of Danish sound art curated by her and brings the evening to a great conclusion as this evening’s Artist DJ.

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