Date: 29. apr. 2016
Time: 16:00 - 22:00
Price: Free

SMK Fridays presents TOTAL INSTITUTION by artist Henrik Plenge Jakobsen.

SMK Fridays is the thinking man’s Friday bar, mixing art, talks, music and drinks to create a very different kind of after-hours museum experience.  This evening’s SMK Fridays event is a special edition in the series where Danish artist Henrik Plenge Jakobsen is in control. Working without a brief, he has put together an exciting evening exactly as he sees fit.

Under the heading TOTAL INSTITUTION, Plenge subjects the SMK to close scrutiny. The term ‘total institution’ was coined by the philosopher Michel Foucault to describe rooms and places that cut themselves off from the world around them with their own fixed routines and their own language. Foucault applied the term to prisons and hospitals, but tonight Plenge will examine whether the SMK may in fact also be such an institution.

Stories from the far corners of the museum
In order to get into every corner of the ‘total institution’ that is the SMK, Plenge has enabled you to go on guided tours of the conservators’ laboratories and listen as scholars, educators, guides and even the director himself relate stories about hidden places in the museum. You can also paint action paintings in the museum workshop.

Performances and invited artists
Henrik Plenge has invited a number of artists to join him. For example, you can enjoy performances by the artist group SQ and artist Sandra Mujinga. Artist Alexander Tovborg has selected a number of masterpieces from the Royal Collection of Graphic Arts, allowing you to inspect them at close quarters in the museum’s study hall.

The evening will also include a special screening of Ursula Reuther Christiansen’s film Skarpretteren(The Executioner) from 1972. And you can hark back to the early history of the SMK when actress Stine Stengade reads from Herman Bang’s evocative description of the time when the Christiansborg Palace was on fire – with the museum’s paintings inside.

Bonus exhibition
Tonight we welcome visitors to our bonus exhibition Extra Curriculum, curated by Henrik Plenge for this SMK Fridays event. At the heart of the exhibition you can explore the vast, labyrinthine work An Architecture Composed of the Paintings of Richard Powers and Francis Picabia from 1997. While the exhibition was created especially for this evening, you will be able to lose yourself in this magnificent work throughout the summer months.

Friday night candy, drinks and street food
Kødbyens Mad & Marked will sell delicious hand-held food, and of course there will be music and drinks. Henrik Plenge will make sure that there will be Friday night candy for all the children there, and he will conclude the evening with a DJ set of Detroit techno.
Practical information
Entry to SMK Fridays is free, and everyone is welcome. No advance booking required.

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