SMK Fridays on Bornholm

Date: 17. jun. 2016
Time: 20:00 - 01:00
Price: Free

Join us as SMK Fridays relocates to the island of Bornholm for “Folkemødet” –Denmark’s premier festival for politics and democracy – and explores how the SMK can be the SMK without its building and collections at hand.

Seven Fridays a year you can visit the SMK after hours and explore the world of art in a relaxed, informal atmosphere as we invite you to be part of our SMK Fridays events. This June, SMK Fridays relocates to somewhere else entirely: We are going to Bornholm to be part of The People’s Political Festival (Folkemødet) there. So if you happen to be passing by the beautiful island of Bornholm on 17 June, then please pop in at the BL dome, which the SMK has been kindly allowed to borrow for the night.

Bringing art out to the people
The SMK is all of Denmark’s main museum for art, and this evening will be about getting art out to the people. Together we will explore how the SMK can be the SMK in an entirely different setting, without our building or our collections at hand.

Art on the airwaves, performances, talks and music
On the evening, you can enjoy all-new performances created especially for this SMK Fridays event by artists Claus Haxholm and Ragnhild May.

You can also listen in as we join forces with The Lake Radio – an online radio station for experimental and inspirational sound and radio art – to offer art, talks and music via the airwaves. Run by a group of volunteer artists and musicians, the radio station has previously co-operated with a range of institutions on arranging concerts, listening events and more.

Experience SMK Fridays online
If you cannot take part in SMK Fridays on Bornholm, you can still hear everything that happens from the comfort of your own home: the entire evening will be broadcast live via

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