SMK Fridays – Romanticism <3

Date: 31. mar. 2017
Time: 16:00 - 22:00
Price: Free


This time, SMK Fridays is about a single painting – and about Romanticism and the romantic. The painting After the Storm from 1817 by Caspar David Friedrich – the leading artist of the Romantic movement by far – was recently added to the SMK collections. So bring a date along for a truly Romantic night.

Philosophy, crash course and Schubert lieder
Hear the philosopher Anders Fogh Jensen in conversation with SMK director Mikkel Bogh about the ideas of Romanticism, about dissociation and splits and about whether our present time is Romantic, too? You can also get a crash course on Romantic art from art educator Sarah Hansen or peruse the SMK collection of Danish and Nordic art from the period to the accompaniment of Schubert and Carl Nielsen sung by the mezzo-soprano Kristin Mulders.

Romantic/romantic (<3)
Hear how SMK curator Kasper Monrad had his sights on this very special Friedrich painting for years before the museum finally got to buy it. You can also hear artists Christian Vild and Ferdinand Ahm Krag offer their views on Friedrich’s painting. Or listen to art educator Rebekka Laugesen speaking on the links between Romanticism in art and in general culture, and what we mean when we say that something is romantic.

Film and new video art
In keeping with the Romantic theme of the evening we will screen Per Kirkeby and Jørgen Leth’s film Dyrehaven – the Romantic Forest from 1970, featuring music by Henning Christiansen. We will also present an all-new video work by artist Søren Aagaard called Tåge og lys (Mist and Light), and the music film accompanying the Frisk Frugt’s album Den Europæiske Spejlbue.

9x9x9: A Romantic slice of theatre
You can also enjoy a small slice of the theatre production 9x9x9, which is currently taking place at SMK. The writer Ib Michael has written a text to accompany Per Kirkeby’s painting A Romantic Picture from 1965. The text will be performed by actor Mikkel Arndt.

Music set and visuals by Age of Aquarius
Age of Aquarius consists of artists Nanna Starck and Uffe Isolotto. Towards the end of the evening they will present a music set accompanied by visuals. Inspired by the Romantic theme of the night, the imagery will be based on the rhythms of the day and of landscapes. As always, you can attend a range of brief art talks and enjoy a drink and something to eat in SMK’s spectacular Sculpture Street.

SMK Fridays is sponsored by Bikubenfonden

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