SMK Fridays: Sound & Vision

Date: 25. aug. 2017
Time: 16:00 - 22:00
Price: Free

Music, art talks and a salon where you can have your ears painted green: SMK is ready to launch a new season of our SMK Fridays events. This time we join forces with Cph Art Week and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

On 25 August SMK welcomes all to the first SMK Fridays event of the season, offering a wealth of visual impressions, words and sounds. To help celebrate the Cph Art Week, SMK joins forces with the Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, inviting you to an entire evening on the theme of Sound & Vision – an evening that explores the fields where visual and aural art intersect.

Throughout the evening you will be able to experience vast total installations, concert performances and art that merges sound and imagery. As always, visitors can enjoy art talks, drinks, artist DJs and street food. 

Get your ear painted green 
The Danish Fluxus artist and composer Henning Christiansen proclaimed the year 1984 to be the “Green-ear-year”. One of his actions consisted in taking over a barber’s chair in a Horsens salon for an entire day, painting the ears greens on anyone willing to take part. The green ear is a gesture that encourages us to listen to the sound of nature as if it were music. This evening we repeat his action: everyone can get a green ear with which to listen. 

Sound performance featuring Felia Gram-Hanssen & Meshes
In 1984 Henning Christiansen composed a score called Grundtone (Base Note). This evening, artist and musician Felia Gram-Hanssen and the performance group Meshes re-enact and interpret Christiansen’s work with the aid of two drum kits, cymbals and two dancers. 

Concert performance featuring Peter & the Danish Defence
Working in collaboration with the Danish Defence forces, the artist and musician Peter Voss-Knude has interpreted the thoughts and experiences of soldiers formerly posted abroad, translating them into pop songs, drawings and video works. This evening, Peter & the Danish Defence present a concert performance based on Voss-Knude’s years of collaborating with the Danish Defence and his conversations with soldiers. 

Underneath the bridge
At the x-room you still have your last chance to see the vast motorway flyover created by the acclaimed British artist Mark Leckey. In this immersive installation, the interplay between the huge phantom bridge and a sound piece produced especially for this work takes you back to the artist’s childhood hideout. Throughout the evening we will host art talks underneath the flyover, focusing on how sounds, objects and images can trigger memories, thoughts and emotions. 

Street food, bar and museum ice cream
In a departure from our usual set-up, this SMK Fridays event will include food stands and bars in the front and back gardens of the museum. In the Østre Anlæg park, Kødbyens Mad & Marked and Copenhagen Cooking will offer food talks, music and creative culinary experiences. In the Museum Garden you can buy food and beverages as always. To celebrate the late summer, we have even added an extra twist to the SMK Fridays menu: the popular SMK ice cream produced especially for the museum by Østerberg Is. 

And much more… For example, the artists Kasper Vang and Jonas Olesen from Institut for Dansk Lydarkæologi present DJ sets featuring music from the sound archives and vast record collection housed at the Museum of Contemporary Art. On the Stage you can see Christian Marclay’s video work Telephones from 1995 – a film combining clips of telephone conversations from famous Hollywood films. You can also join in as we quite literally pull original artistic ideas out of our pockets and tackle art through brief, incisive art talks.

Excerpts from the programme

  • 16.30-16.45 + 19.00-19.15 + 21.00-21.15: Art talk - Underneith the bridge
  • 17.00-20.00: Get your ear painted green
  • 18.00-18.30: Sound performance with Felia Gram-Hansen & Meshes
  • 20.00-20.45: Concert performance with Peter & the Danish Defence
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