SMK Fridays

Date: 25. aug. 2017
Time: 16:00 - 22:00
Price: Free

SMK and the Museum of Contemporary Art join forces to present an SMK Fridays event on the subject of Sound & vision.

Performances, film and music from the Museum of Contemporary Art will mingle and merge with the visual art housed at SMK, creating an evening where sound and images come together.

Join us as Felia Gram-Hansen re-enacts the work Grundtone (Keynote) by the Danish artist and composer Henning Christiansen. And view a concert performance featuring Peter and the Danish Defences, based on year-long collaboration with the Danish Armed Forces and conversations with soldiers.

The evening will also feature art talks, street food, performances, drinks and film screenings. To cap it off, artists Kasper Vang and Jonas Olesen will perform a DJ set based on music from the large sound collection housed at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

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