Date: 17. nov. 2017
Time: 16:00 - 22:00
Price: Free

We invite everyone to enjoy an evening that combines art, talks, music and drinks to create a new and different kind of after-hours art experience.

This year’s final SMK Fridays event focuses on feminist practices in art. The evenings’ programme is presented in co-operation with the artists Michala Paludan, Lea Porsager and Anne Mette Schultz and curator Malene Dam.

Round-table discussions: conversations about women in art
In 2014 artist Michala Paludan invited a number of women to take part in round-table discussions where they shared experiences from their working lives as artists.

A transcribed version of these conversations formed the basis for the work Kalliope, Kleio, Erato, Euterto, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thaleia and Urania.

This evening, a group of artists will read excerpts from this work ans discuss its contents – and invite you to share your thoughts on the subject. 

Pop music and sound experiments 
Pop music meets the bodies of Danish Golden Age art in a vocal performance where the artist group DRANG experiment with sound and movement in order to explore intimacy and personal space – right in the midst of the museum’s art. 

Redstockings and a fictional male curator 
Throughout the evening you can attend a range of brief, tightly focused art talks as the museum’s art educators explore feminism in art through the ages.

You can also hear SMK’s director Mikkel Bogh speaking about a specific work of art: Women Forward! by Ursula Reuter Christiansen. This work was created in 1971 – the year after the Danish Redstocking movement launched its first actions.

Or join us as Ann Lislegaard presents a range of works from the project Bob Smith – a project launched in the early 1990s where she, along with fellow artists Susan Hinnum, Eva Larsson and Christine Melchiors, invented the character Bob Smith: a fictional male curator who would promote the artist groups’ works, thereby affirming their quality.

Film programme
All evening long, you can settle down in in the SMK cinema and enjoy a selection of films and film art.

For example, you can watch Fabrizio Terranova’s portrait of Donna Haraway, who has been a leading figure within feminist studies ever since publishing her seminal book A Cyborg Manifesto in 1991.

You can also go on a trip to a factory, specifically Haustrups Fabrikker in Odense, where artist Kajsa Dahlberg joined forces with Dacapo and a range of actors to create a work which explores manual labour and the culture associated with it. In addition to this, the programme includes films by Kasia Fudakowski and Moyra Davey.

Move in close on rarely seen art
SMK is home to one of the oldest collections of art on paper in the world: The Royal Collection of Graphic Art. Comprising more than 240,000 works, the collection ranges right from thirteen-century art to the most recent, cutting-edge contemporary art.

This evening, the collection’s Study Room gives you the opportunity to move in close on selected works created by women artists through the ages.

As part of this event, art educator Pernille Zidore will speak about her work on establishing an overview of the women artists featured in SMK’s vast collection of works on paper.

And much, much more… for example, you can enjoy VJ and DJ sets compiled by the artist collective IMA READ especially for this evening, lean back and watch film art on the Stage or take in a performance by Argentinian artist Liv Schulman.

As always, you can buy beer, drinks and street food prepared by Kødbyens Mad & Marked.

SMK Fridays is supported by Bikubenfonden


Practical information

Seven Fridays a year we stay open for longer than usual and invite everyone to attend our SMK Fridays events from 16.00 to 22.00.

SMK Fridays are free and everyone is welcome. No advance booking required.

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