SMK Fridays feat. CPH:DOX – On top of reality

Date: 6. nov. 2015
Time: 16:00 - 22:00
Price: Free


For this year’s final SMK Fridays event we join forces with the documentary film festival CPH:DOX to focus on art and films that look to – and at – the real world for its subject matter.

Here you will find one of Europe’s most innovative experts on virtual reality and a filmmaker who is in the process of eradicating himself as a real-life person in order to live entirely in virtual reality instead. A range of film screenings in the SMK cinema allows you to challenge and expand your perception of reality, and you also have the opportunity to delve into a new kind of concert experience using your smartphone and Google Cardboard glasses. Explore the art, watch conservators at work and listen as the director of the SMK speaks to Claus Beck-Nielsen, an artist whose work spans many media and modes of expression, about what happens when art and reality become inseparable.

Talks about virtual reality

At this event you can hear one of Europe’s most innovative experts on virtual reality (VR), Michel Reilhac, speak about his ideas on how technology affects our perception of reality – what we think is real. You can also listen to a filmmaker who is currently working on a new VR project in which he seeks to detach himself from real life to live exclusively in VR instead.

VR concert featuring Nikolaj Vonsild

Nikolaj Vonsild from the band When Saints Go Machine has prepared a truly special Virtual Reality DJ set for this evening. His VR concert explores and expands the relationship between documentation and live broadcast in a new kind visual concert experience created by means of VR technology. Bring along a smartphone (recent models required), borrow a set of Google Cardboard glasses from us – and prepare for a very different kind of concert experience.


Are you ready to have your views of reality changed? The museum’s cinema screens a special selection of documentary films from the CPH:DOX film festival; films that may well surprise you and show you that the world does not always work as you might think.

Will Claus Beck-Nielsen get here?

During the weeks leading up to the November edition of SMK Fridays, the Danish artist Claus Beck-Nielsen will walk from Thessaloniki in Greece back to Denmark alongside the many refugees who are making the same journey. For this reason we cannot be sure that he will make it back in time for SMK Fridays. If he does arrive, you can listen to him talk to SMK director Mikkel Bogh about what happens when art and reality become inseparable. If he doesn’t make it back in time, Mikkel Bogh will give a stand-in talk and try to catch Nielsen on the phone.

Janus Høm
– artist talk and artist portrait
In addition to the documentary films, the museum cinema also screens the work Janus Høm by the artist group TOVES. The film homes in on the artist Janus Høm, who received a special challenge in 2014: the artist and curator Honza Hoeck challenged him to discover a new kind of art practice.  After the film, Høm and Hoeck will speak to the artists Christian Jeppsson and Simon Damkjær from TOVES, who made the film.

Take a look behind the scenes

The conservators will keep their Open Studio open for this night’s events. Watch them at work as they wield scalpels and pigments to restore the large-scale painting The Royal Table of Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor, which usually hangs in HM Queen Margrethe II’s private rooms at Fredensborg Palace.

Art Talks, street food and artist DJ

As always you can take in a range of Art Talks, relax with a drink and enjoy delicious street food. From eight until ten your art experience will be augmented by crisp musical stylings supplied by this evening’s artist DJ: Christian Jeppsson, one of the creators behind the film Janus Høm.

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