SMK Fridays

Date: 18. sep. 2015
Time: 16:00 - 22:00
Price: Free


We join forces with the Golden Days organisation and their Festival of Important Shit to ask the following question: What is a masterpiece?

A shot of drama: Madame Matisse

Last year the SMK presented the critically acclaimed play 9x9x9 at the SMK. This evening we present one specific part of the play: the segment about the world-famous artist Henri Matisse’s Portrait Madame Matisse. The Green Line. The play lasts ten minutes and will be performed several times throughout the evening. Playwright: Hanne-Vibeke Holst. Performer: Maibritt Saerens. Directed by Hans-Peter Kellner.

Operetta by Andreas Führer

The artist, composer and musician Andreas Führer performs his The Question of technique the fall of capitalism object. The work is an operetta in three acts performed by two singers and an electronic piano.

A masterpiece – and an even better one

Join us as members of the museum staff and SMK workshop artists speak about SMK masterpieces of great national importance. Each of them will also talk about a different work of art that they personally think is important to our shared cultural heritage.

Masterpieces of classical music – remixed

The composer MBD73, aka Carsten Bo Eriksen, remixes and re-composes masterpieces by J.S.Bach and Carl Nielsen. The French-Canadian violinist Helianne Blais performs the music accompanied by a quadrophonic loudspeaker orchestra.

UV and X-ray technology reveals the secrets of masterpieces

The SMK's conservators present a talk about how they can use new technology to reveal the secrets of masterpieces. For example, one of the masterpieces of the Danish Golden Age turned out to show something very different from what used to think.

Micro-exhibition – tonight only!

The SMK owns a huge, internationally acclaimed and important collection of art on paper. All of the masterpieces housed at the Royal Collection of Graphic Art are very sensitive to sunlight, so they are usually kept in storage, well out of the way of harmful rays. Tonight, however, senior researcher Chris Fischer presents some of the collection’s most splendid works of art in a micro-exhibition that is on for this evening only – then gone forever.

A shot of art: Eckersberg – original and copy

This October sees the opening of the SMK’s major exhibition A Beautiful Lie about one of the most famous Danish painters ever: C.W. Eckersberg. Chief curator Kasper Monrad gives a talk about the painting View of a Courtyard in Rome and about a copy painted by Martinus Rørbye, one of Eckersberg’s students. The question is whether Rørbye’s copy is also a masterpiece.

Drinks, artist DJ and street food

As always, you can enjoy drinks and street food as you take in the musical stylings of this evening’s artist DJ.

Free – no booking required

SMK Fridays is a free event, and everyone is welcome. No booking or advance notice required.

SMK Fridays is sponsored by the Bikuben Foundation


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