SMK Fridays: A cosy night in at the SMK

Date: 6. mar. 2015
Time: 16:00 - 22:00
Price: Free

The SMK goes all relaxed to host a cosy, quiet night in when we invite you all to yet another SMK Fridays event on 6 March. Bring your slippers and enjoy some homely quality time with readings, a nice cup of coffee, a crocheting salon and a sleepover.

Join us as we take some quiet time and focus on the comforts of home with the children’s exhibition What Makes a Home?. In the early hours of the evening we offer guided tours for children, while the rest of the evening is mainly for grown-ups.

Artist talk and crocheting salon

Hanne G uses yarn as her artistic medium of choice. This evening she will host an artist talk about crocheting as art. You can try it for yourself: patterns and yarn will be available to anyone who would like to try their hand at crocheting one of Grønlund’s works of art. All you need to bring along is a Size 7 crocheting hook.

Conversation dinner

What is it like to sit down to dinner with five people you do not know? And how do you carry on a discussion based on a so-called conversation menu? The Social Laboratory Borgerlyst (Citizen’s Delight) invite you to a conversation dinner where the main theme is what it means to feel at home. Booking is essential; only a limited number of seats are available. All seats are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Settle down with Bank & Rau
The artists’ duo Bank & Rau have woven a huge carpet out of old towels, sheets, clothes and socks. This evening the two artists will plump down in the middle of the carpet to host an artist talk about the work On the Fringe of Civilization. Settle down with them and find out what happens when you make art out of other people’s old clothes.

Story time for grown-ups

Lean back in the midst of all the art and listen to the writer Esben Weile Kjær read aloud from his brand-new collection of poems Alting sker så meget, which is officially released on this very Friday. You can also find the writers Amalie Smith, Victor Boy Lindholm and Maria Gerhardt reading aloud against the backdrop of the SMK collections. In the museum bookshop you can meet the writer Pernille Abd-El Dayem, who recently had her debut with the critically acclaimed Inden for revet.

Homelike music and TV art

The artist Rikke Benborg will provide a backdrop of homely, cosy music with an added video track. The staff at the SMK will also contribute to the evening’s soundtrack. They have rifled through their own record collections to dig out their favourite music for playing around the house, and these will be played throughout the evening. You can also plump down in front of the telly with the rest of us. Join us as we watch video art made for TV by the artists Lea Porsager and Marie Kølbæk Iversen.

Sleep at the SMK

When this evening’s SMK Fridays event draws to a close and the doors of the museum are shut, fifty visitors will be allowed to stay at the museum and sleep over. The night’s entertainment will include films, ghost stories and much more.

Some highlights from this evening's programme:

• 16:30 & 17:30
Guided tour for children of
What Makes a Home?

• 19:00: Artist talk / crocheting salon

• 19:30: Readings in the SMK collections

• 18:00–20:00 Borgerlyst conversation dinner.
The hosts will begin laying their tables from 16:00 onwards.

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SMK Fridays are sponsored by the Bikuben Foundation

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