SMK Fridays feat. Cph Art Week

Date: 26. aug. 2016
Time: 16:00 - 22:00
Price: Free

SMK Fridays are back, kicking off the art season together with Cph Art Week. Joins us for a garden party with performances, music, gentle caresses, aromatherapy and al fresco drinks.

This season’s first SMK Fridays event is brought to you in collaboration Cph Art Week, which uses this occasion to officially launch an entire week of art under the common theme Open Gestures. SMK Fridays moves right out into the Museum Garden, augmenting the late summer atmosphere with performances, drinks, street food and speedboat sailing.

Transforming the lobby
This evening’s special guest will be 35-year-old American-Dominican Isabel Lewis, who is internationally acclaimed for her social Occasions.

Lewis invites audiences to fully enter the heart of her live performances, mixing technology, nature, vibrations and scent. Lewis will transform the SMK lobby into a vibrant lounge full of music, fragrance, plants and dancing, all accompanied by the dance collective Fanclub. 

Clips around the ear and gentle caresses
SMK Fridays will also present the composer Jeppe Ernst, who will present his latest compositions: soundless music played on bodies. Ernst eschews the conventional concepts of music by presenting four pieces without sound, performed live by classical musicians – on each other’s bodies.

Titles such as Offertorium and The physical treatment offer some indications of what to expect as the musicians play out these soundless scores by means of touch. Audiences will witness silent music, naked bodies, soft caresses, clips around the ear, scratching nails – even testicle groping.

A new audio guide to the SMK
Artist Christian Falsnaes has created a new audio guide for the SMK. Premiering this evening, his unconventional audio guide directs listeners to engage directly with the art, thereby co-creating the performance Tusind Ansigter / A Thousand Faces. Christian Falsnaes will also give a talk about his audio guide on the evening. Bring your smartphone and earphones.

Drinks – and some very special ice cream
As always visitors can buy food and drinks, but this time a special twist has been added to the SMK Fridays menu: an SMK ice cream specially created by Østerberg Is for this occasion. The SMK ice cream will only be available this one night.

And much more … such as guided tours and talks, remote controlled speedboats on the garden pool, and the opportunity to draw in three dimensions with a VR visor on your head. As this event is part of the official opening of Cph Art Week, special shuttle buses will be in service between the SMK and Charlottenborg. On-board performance included.

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SMK Fridays is sponsored by Bikubenfonden
SMK Fridays feat. Cph Art Week launches a new series of SMK Fridays events. Bikubenfonden has sponsored SMK Fridays throughout last three years. Now, another generous donation from the foundation will enable the popular SMK Fridays events to continue for the next three years.

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