SMK Fridays

Date: 20. sep. 2013
Time: 16:00 - 22:00
Price: Free

Experience the SMK with an extra dash of Friday night fun! Join us for an evening of philosophy, drinks, talks, art, street kitchens, and music at the SMK.

Amongst the things on offer is the film The Pervert's Guide to Cinema, where the philosopher Slavoj Žižek offers a diagnosis of the ways in which film distorts reality. You can also hear more about how Žižek’s thinking relates to art, and about what it feels like to be an abstract painting. The artist FOS will bring the evening to a spectacular close. 

Admission fee: The event is free.

What the evening offers:

Film screening on the Stage: The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema featuring the philosopher Slavoj Žižek.

The film expert Rasmus Brendstrup gives a short talk, introducing Žižek and the film.Curator Henrik Holm applies Žižek’s thinking to the realm of art.

Art critic Torben Sangild gives a brief talk on what it feels like to be a work of art.

The artist FOS is the evening’s artist-DJ.

Video art by Jesper Just in the museum cinema.

Readings in the museum bookshop.

Music, street kitchen, beer, and drinks


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SMK Fridays are supported by Bikubenfonden
Mediapartner: Politiken

SMK Fridays
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