Date: 19. sep. 2014 - 4. jan. 2015
Price: Entry fee

The Danish-Norwegian artist duo Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset surprise us, shock us, and turn the world upside down in their art, which will be featured in a major exhibition at SMK in 2014.

Elmgreen & Dragset have held numerous exhibitions in international contemporary art institutions and galleries. The exhibition at SMK will cover central movements and developments in the duo's extensive body of work from 1995 to the present day.

Sculpture, installation art, and performance art

Elmgreen & Dragset, who are based in Berlin and London, have worked together since 1995. At the outset of their joint career they frequently made performance art, often addressing issues pertaining to sexual politics and identities. In the following years they began to create large sculptures and installation pieces, sometimes as part of the ongoing series entitled Powerless Structures.

Re-configuring the functions of spaces and objects is a recurring theme of their artistic practice, as seen in the work Please, keep quiet! – featured in SMK's permanent exhibition Danish and International Art after 1900 – in which the artists place a replica of a hospital ward in the middle of an art institution. In their works Elmgreen & Dragset question our expectations by staging paradoxical, seemingly misplaced scenarios that challenge our habitual notions, often to surprising effect.

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Elmgreen & Dragset, Death of a Collector, 2009
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