Henrik Olesen. Abandon the Parents

Date: 23. may. 2014 - 28. sep. 2014
Time: 10:00 - 17:00
Price: Gratis

How do you form your own identity, and what role might art play in that process? That is the focus of the exhibition Abandon the Parents curated by Henrik Olesen together with Daniel Buchholz and Christopher Müller.

In the exhibition you can experience an overwhelming collection of paintings, books, photographs, videos, sounds, and drawings. Approximately 250 works are brought together in the exhibition, where they establish surprising connections and create personal, historical, and political meanings and narratives.

The exhibition acts as a single, vast collage that offers one possible take on the process of identity-building that we all experience in our lives. Abandon the Parents explores the borderland that all human beings occupy when leaving behind the familiar – "the parents” – to venture out into unknown territory in search of an identity.

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A personal starting point for a universal narrative

The combination of works presented in the exhibition springs from the three curators’ personal process of exploration but it also points to the mechanisms, desires, and intuitions that serve as the building blocks for our identities as human beings.

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Explore the lavish archive of everything from paintings and sculptures to photographs, prints, drawings, letters, and videos from 23 May - 28 September 2014.

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